Level I

Level 1 of the course involves an introduction to the world of makeup theoretically. The beginner level lays down the basics of make-up such as

Duration 1 Month

  1. skin types
  2. colour theory
  3. skin care
  4. product knowledge
  5. facial analysis
  6. highlighting & shading
  7. tool sanitization, and cosmetic research & analysis
In this level, you will also learn about a variety of professional make-up products and their perfect application techniques. You will also learn the ways to consult, negotiate, and deal with clients

Level II

This level is highly essential because during this level you will learn about the design and application of makeup products. You will also learn about the latest and varied techniques of application of

Duration 1 months

  1. eye make-up
  2. beauty make-up
  3. glamour make-up
  4. make-up for mature skin
  5. make-up for metrosexual men
You will learn how to create complete stunning looks by the end of this level

Level I Advance Make Up- Artistry

This level is for experts and professionals. Advanced make-up artistry level will help you enhance your knowledge of makeup and refine your skills. You will also learn about creating different make-up looks for different occasions and also get updated on the latest trends in make-up. Level 3 includes

Duration 1 Month

  1. bridal make-up trends
  2. editorial make-up
  3. fashion/ramp make-up
  4. airbrush make-up
  5. reception bridal
  6. fantasy theme-based make-up
and latest make-up trends. You can do the course in parts – level 1 and 2 has to be combined together, and you can do level 3 separately, but within 2 months

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