Mens Services

Hair Price
Hair Wash (Shampoo, Conditioner & blast dry) 100/-
Hair cut 250/-
Child Hair cut (under 12 years) 150/-
Blow dry 150/-
Head Massage (Classic Traditional Oil Based ) 350/-
Head Massage (Olive oil ) 400/-
Head Massage (aroma oil Including hair wash ) 450/-
Beard Price
Shaving 150/-
Beard Style 250/-
Beard trim 100/-
Beard Spa 200/-
Hair colour Price
Hair colour Global 1000/-
Double process Hair colour 1500/-
Highlights (Per strips) 300/-
Root touch up 700/-
Hair straightening permanent 3000/-
Hair Keratin Treatment 3000/-
Hair Cysteine Treatment 4000/-
Hair spa -Dandruff Treatment 800/-
Hair spa -Anti-Hair fall treatment 1200/-
Clean up (40 Mints ) Price
Dtan Clean up 800/-
Pore Clean up 1000/-
Facial ( 60 mints ) Price
Anti-Ageing facial 1200/-
Shine & Glow facial 1400/-
Vitamin C Facial 1800/-
Oxy Facial 2000/-
Groom Facial 2500/-+
Bleach 200/-
Dtan 400/-
Groom Make up 3000/-
Manicure Price
Herbal Manicure (Natural Herbs used for a polished Manicure) 300/-
Paraffin (This combines nail polishing & buffing with skin Softening & Moisturizing) 450/-
Spa (Relax & repair your Hand / Skin Texture with the best ever spa manicure that comes with relaxing massage & skin Pack) 600/-
Pedicure Price
Herbal (Natural Herbs used for a polished Manicure) 350/-
Paraffin (Ideally for moisturizing the skin of the feet the paraffin is usually used to provide moisture for de-hydrated skin) 500/-
Spa (Relax & repair your feet/ skin texture with the best ever spa pedicure that comes with massage and skin pack ) 550/-
SPA Price
Swedish massage (Benefit: Besides helping to relax the muscles and ease superficial tension, Swedish massage may also help boost circulation throughout the body.) 1999/-
Deep-tissue massage (Deep-tissue massage is ideal for releasing chronic tension and may also help improve range of motion.) 2000/-
Reflexology (Benefits: Traditionally, reflexology is believed to help correct imbalances throughout the body. But like any foot massage, it's also great for relieving tension brought on by wearing high heels or being on your feet all day) 2500/-

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